Getting Started

Obtaining Student Organization Web Space

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All material in the student organization web space (StuOrg) is considered to be the property of GSB. Material, which is offensive or found to be in violation of the Code of Computer Ethics and Acceptable Use Policy, will be removed without notice. The StuOrg web space is NOT to be used as personal storage space or for personal web material. Though the contents of the locker are not actively policed, any material of this nature will be removed without notice.

Step 1: Log in to the Manage Organizations interface. If you do not see your organization listed, then you are not a registered officer of that organization. Contact your president or adviser for more assistance. If you ARE a president or adviser for the organization but are still not listed, contact the Student Activities Center for further assistance.

Step 2: From the list of your affiliated student organizations, select the one you wish to modify. Click More Information from the organization's overview page and then scroll down to the WWW Information section and select Edit WWW Information.

Step 3: Enter the name of the directory you wish to create on the StuOrg server. Each group may have ONE directory, and that directory determines your web address. Click the Request Web Space button. The system will either create the directory or return a reason it failed.

Step 4: Enter the Net-IDs of the individuals you want to have access to modify material in the directory. A user's Net-ID is the first portion of their Iowa State email address ( If you do not know an individual's Net-ID, you may obtain it through the Directory Information. No individuals are added automatically so be sure to add yourself.

Step 5: Access and space are granted immediately. Details on how to access and upload your web materials can be found in the Using Your Space guide.

Step 6: Once your website is up and running, be sure to include your web address in your student organization's information. This field can be found by selecting Edit Organization Information from the organization's More Information page.