ISU Habitat for Humanity (ISU HFH)

Organization Information
Name ISU Habitat for Humanity
Abbreviation ISU HFH
Organization Category Service & Volunteerism
Tier Student Organization - Registered
Mailing Address C20 East SOS, MU, Ames, IA 50011
Phone None Specified
Email habitatexec at iastate dot edu
Web Address
Description We work with Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa and Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity to help with the construction of "simple, decent, and affordable" homes for families in need of housing. We also have fundraising events throughout the semester to raise money and advocate our student chapter. For spring break, we take students on Collegiate Challenge trips which involve going to another state and helping them build homes.
Affiliations 10,000 Hours Show
Membership Information
Student Members 575
ISU Members 10
Non-ISU Members 2
Dues Per Semester 10
Dues Per Year 15
Allowed Members Students, Faculty/staff, Spouse/partner
Allowed Officers Students
Non-member Event Participation Yes
Membership Qualifications Must attend one general meeting, pay 10 dollar dues, and attend one ISU HFH event per semester.
Membership Restrictions No
Elections End of Spring Semester
Meetings Pearson Hall
Description of Regular Meetings/Activities Monthly meetings (Tuesdays, 7:30PM) which let members know of upcoming build days and activities. The meetings also help to spread the mission of Habitat and inspire students to volunteer.
Member Attendance 30
Non-Member Attendance 70
Special Events
Trick or Treat for Change
DescriptionGoing door to door to fundraise for the group and spread the mission of Habitat for Humanity
Estimated Attendance20 members, 10 non-members
Activity Advertising
Description of Advertising Efforts Flyers, Table Tents, Website, Clubfests, and good ole fashioned word of mouth.
Departmental Privileges
Special Access to Department Facilities? Yes
Special Access to Department Personnel? Yes
GSB 60%
Dues 10%
Fundraising 30%
Risk Management
Has a designated officer with risk management responsiblities? Yes
Risk Management Officer President
Officer's risk management duties outlined by consitution? Yes
Has an Operations Manual? No
Waiver RequiredNo
Waiver Inherent Risks TextNone Specified
Officer Information
Position Officer
PresidentNicholas Donlin
TreasurerBethanie Blake
AdviserRobert Currie
152a Gen Serv/Room 154
Ames, IA 50011-4027
Collegiate Challenge LeaderJenae Noonan
Construction Coordinator Andrew Brown
Construction Coordinator Bryan Hackman
Construction Coordinator John Lemke
Construction Coordinator Kelsey Cain
Construction Coordinator Peter Vonqualen
17434 Noble Ave
Carroll, IA 51401
Construction Coordinator Samuel Redd
Fundraising ChairLauran Chambers
4325 Larch Cessna
Ames, IA 50013
Social ChairAmy Salcedo
2309 Friley Anthony
Ames, IA 50012
Vice PresidentAndrew Healey
WebmasterJoshua Tuggle
3307 Friley Kimball
Ames, IA 50012
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